Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors
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Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors

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Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors

Why Homeowners Should Consider Teak as Their Wood Door Choice

Rosalyn Hunt

When you are debating a solid timber wood door, you may concentrate on traditional woods like oak and maple. One wood that may be overlooked is teak. This particular hardwood is actually ideal if you are planning on replacing your doors, decks, and even exterior trusses and overhangs. Before you overlook this hardwood material, consider the reasons every homeowner should use teak as their solid timber door choice.

Weatherproofing and Sealing

Some woods may warp or crack when exposed to seasonal weather. This means maintaining the wood by weatherproofing and sealing it against rain, snow, and other natural elements. Teak does not warp, does not crack, and does not need to be weatherproofed or sealed. It maintains its natural beauty and colour. This makes it ideal if you want a wood choice that has a long lifespan, but also allows you to avoid the use of chemicals to maintain that lifespan.


One of the things many homeowners look for when they choose solid timber doors is durability. You want a door that will hold up to the weather, daily use, and will hold up over time without having to be replaced or even repainted. Teak is known for its durability and ability to avoid rotting. It also does not cause a black colouring or discolouring when it comes in contact with metal, like door hinges and frames.

Reduced Chemical Use

When you pick a different type of solid wood for your doors, you will be taking on the job of having it weatherproofed or sealed. You may also need special cleaning products to keep the door looking clean, but also to remove stains that can be caused by weather or contact with the hinges and door frames. This can lead to a lot of harsh chemicals in and around your home. Teak doesn't require any of this and can be cleaned with a light cleaner or even mild soap and water. If you are trying to reduce the chemicals you bring into your home and live a greener lifestyle, then teak is the ideal option for you.

These are just a few of the reasons why every homeowner should consider teak as their choice for solid timber wood doors. If you are ready to see the options available to you for teak wood doors, consider speaking to local home improvement contractors like Johnston Joinery. They can also give you a price estimate and options for other exterior home improvements, like timber shutters.