Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors
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Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors

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Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors

3 Essential Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating for Homeowners

Rosalyn Hunt

It keeps happening to you! When the chill of the winter season starts to bite, you suddenly realise that your existing heating systems are not up to the task of keeping your entire home warm.

Well, some things are somewhat obvious; you would love to feel warm and comfortable in your home this winter season without compromising its beauty in any way. So, have you tried using a gas ducted system for a change?

The following points explain some essential benefits that gas ducted heating will bring into your home.

Allows for zoned heating

Zoned heating can allow you to heat up only those rooms that you need to be warm in your home at given times of the day. The zoning capabilities of gas ducted heating installations will work perfectly during those cold winter days when all you want is to stay indoors and spend some quality time with your family, e.g. watching a movie in the living room together. If you're staying alone and only need to heat up a single room, you'll also find the zoning potential of gas ducted heaters to be quite cost saving.

Offers superior heat efficiency controls

Higher efficiency models of gas ducted heaters can control the gas used to power the system so that a relatively lower quantity of energy is consumed to maintain temperatures at the level desired. What is more, some heater units may automatically switch off, and the motors will then stop working gradually, to ensure that all the heat stored-up within the unit is utilised.

Therefore, unlike many less efficient heating solutions, e.g. reverse cycle systems, which continue to lose efficiency as temperatures reach extremely low levels, gas ducted heating is designed to keep you warm for as long as you desire, no matter how low temperatures outside drop!

Provides aesthetically-sensitive installation options

Gas ducted heating supplies warm air throughout your home by a series of small outlets (ducts), which are usually strategically placed in the roof area or underside of floors. Positioning of these ducts is determined by the structure of your house.

If there is sufficient crawl space in the basement section, the ductwork can be installed underneath your floors. Alternatively, roof areas can provide adequate space required to neatly tuck away ductwork so that you can receive a reliable supply of heated air through vents that are fitted in the ceiling. As such, you won't have any unsightly ductwork compromising the beauty of your home.

For more information, talk with general heating contractors, such as those at Climatrol.