Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors
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Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors

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Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors

Regularly Maintaining Your Cooling Tower Can Save You Time And Money

Rosalyn Hunt

Cooling towers are very important structures in manufacturing industries, most especially chemical handling plants. Its major function is to take heat to the outside through the cooling water streams to lower the temperatures. Maintenance of the cooling system is very important in ensuring a smooth-running manufacturing process.

Why you should disinfect and treat your cooling system

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends that cleaning and disinfecting the cooling tower system should be done quarterly or twice a year in case the system is not used all year round. Thorough cleaning should be carried out to prevent the corrosion of the system and a build-up of bacteria organisms that can affect the way it functions. The first step is inspecting the system to assess its condition and to determine how the treatment process will be conducted. These are the main parts emphasized:

The fan housing: This area must be brushed well and then sanitized with special chemical treatments to prevent bacteria from breeding within the fan housing. The cleaning crew disinfects the whole area so as to stop the spread of air borne bacteria and reduce the risks of corrosion. It can be very difficult to prevent biological growth with just traditional treatments. That is why specialized chemicals are used in treatment.

The cooling tower basin: This area holds a large volume of cooling water used in the cooling tower system. This is why it is very significant during treatment because it attracts bacteria to grow and yield. It is important to drain all the tempered water first from the system and then disinfect it at once. If ignored for a long time, the bacteria will accumulate and hence becoming costlier to treat the system. So the earlier, the better.

The distribution pans: At times this area becomes clogged with debris that might not have been removed from the system through normal filtration. During the clean-up, all distribution pans have to be opened and then cleaned to provide uninterrupted flow of the water. The clogged distributors pans can reduce the tower's ability to cool the water effectively. If ignored, debris build-up can stall unhealthy water in one place and this can be a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. This can also increase your energy usage bill which can of course be very costly.

A well maintained cooling tower functions at its best efficiency when it is well looked after by hired professionals. This will keep your energy consumption bill lower. Regular maintenance and cleaning also helps you to conserve water and extend the operating life of the cooling system equipment. That is why it is important that a great deal of attention should be focused on ensuring that the cooling towers remain functioning well.