Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors
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Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors

Hello, my name is Isabel, and I bought a fixer-upper house a few years ago. Through the years of having multiple projects done to my home I have had a lot of contractors in and out of the house, and I have learned how to effectively hire them and successfully work with them. I have worked with general contractors as well as specialists for things like roofing. If you aren't sure when to choose a general contractor over a subcontractor, take a look at the tips in my blog. They will inform, guide and help you. I am glad you found my blog. Enjoy reading!

Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors

Three Fun Splashback Ideas You Can Make Yourself

Rosalyn Hunt

A splashback is the perfect place to add a bit of your own style to your kitchen, and you don't have to buy an expensive one. You can make your own, and you can even integrate free items to make it even more affordable. Check out these DIY splashback ideas:

1. Wine Corks

If you are a wine lover, start saving your corks. When you've got enough to fill the area behind your stove, you're ready to make your splashback. Simply clean the wall well, and use a sturdy adhesive to glue the corks to the wall. Orient the corks so that one circular edge is attached to the wall, and the other circular edge is facing you.

The design looks great with wine-inspired kitchen art. The only downside is that the corks may get wet, and as a result, this idea may not last as long as some other splashback alternatives.

2. Bottle Caps

If you're more of a beer fan than a wine afficideno, skip the corks and go for caps. Find a piece of plywood that is the size you want for your splashback. Cover it with tiling grout, and press the bottle caps into the grout. When you've added all of the bottle caps, wait for the grout to dry. Then, hang the whole thing behind your stove or wherever you want your splashback.

Alternatively, paint the wall with magnetic paint. Then, pound each bottle cap with a hammer until it is flat. Buy a roll of magnetic tape -- one side of the tape should be magnetised while the other is sticky. Cut a small piece of magnetic tape, and attach the sticky side to the bottle cap. Then, attach the bottle cap to the wall using the magnet. Once the wall is covered, you have a bottle cap splashback, and you can easily switch out bottle caps as desired.

3. Glass Mosaic

A glass mosaic adds a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. To create one, you can buy small glass tiles, or you can invest in a glass cutter and make your own. Wine and beer bottles in particular often feature cool shades of brown, green and other colours of glass. You can cut various shapes out of these bottles, or you can cut off their bases for a cool circular shape.

Once you have your glass, lay it out on a table in the pattern you like. Then, move the pattern piece by piece to the area where you want your splashback to be. Use grout to stick the glass to the wall.