Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors
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Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors

Hello, my name is Isabel, and I bought a fixer-upper house a few years ago. Through the years of having multiple projects done to my home I have had a lot of contractors in and out of the house, and I have learned how to effectively hire them and successfully work with them. I have worked with general contractors as well as specialists for things like roofing. If you aren't sure when to choose a general contractor over a subcontractor, take a look at the tips in my blog. They will inform, guide and help you. I am glad you found my blog. Enjoy reading!

Choosing General Contractors versus Subcontractors

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    22 October 2015

    Building your own dream home may be something that you've been planning for some time. Vacant house blocks are a rare commodity in many towns and cities, so buying a block with an existing home on it and then demolishing the house may be just the solution. Some people are unsure about this idea because the thought of demolishing a house is very daunting. It's actually a relatively simple process if you follow the right steps.

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